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Cable Recycling Machine

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 Capacity: 200 - 510 kg/h

Total Power: 25 - 3000 kw

Cable Recycling Machine Introduction:

Cable recycling machine, also named as copper recycling machine, cable recycling machinery, copper cable recycling machinery or copper recycling machine china, is used for crushing scrap copper wire and separating crushed copper and plastic.Copper recycling machine is a kind of environmental protection machinery.


Cable Recycling Machine Features:

1. Strong adaptability. Copper wire crusher machine not only can process copper wire with same specification, but also process waste copper wire with different specification, which can’t be met by other type of copper wire machine (traditional copper wire machine can only process copper wire with same specification).

2. High purity of finished products. The purity of finished products produced by copper wire crusher machine is high, can reach 99.5%.

3. Good environmental effects. Fote copper wire crusher machine is equipped with advanced dust collection system, therefore, it won’t pollute the environment.


Cable Recycling Machine Working Principle:

Cable recycling machine is roughly divided into dry and wet type. Dry type copper wire machine uses gas separator, air shaker, static electricity, and other more environmentally and friendly method to separate copper wire. Its main process is: crushing-airflow separation-(static electricity separation)-dust collecting. Wet type copper wire crusher mainly uses the gravity shaking table separation. Its main process is: crushing (add water)-gravity shaking table (add water), which can effectively recycle trash wire, plug cord, fur wire and so on, so wet type cable recycling machine is with extensive application.


Technical Datas of Cable Recycling Machine

Name Model
Total Power(kw )
Cables recycling production line 917-200 200-250 25/33
917-300 300-350 33/40
917-600 600-700 63/77
917-800 800-900 93/113
918-300 300-400 52
918-500 500-700 100
918-800 800-1000 150
919-500 80 300-500
919-800 130 500-800
919-1500 170 1000-1500
919-2000 240 1600-2200
919-3000 510 2000-3000

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