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220v Winch Logging Winch Long Range Winch

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 220v Winch Logging Winch Long Range Winch

They are special equipments designed for the requirements of borehole measurement in the field. They can be used to lift or lower down well measurement probe tube; they have the functions of automatic/manual, constant speed control, fixed points/continuous measurement, automatic depth modification, and alarm for suddenly depth change. They are in accord with the requirements stipulated in the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China DZ/T 0196.8-1997 “Well Measurement Winch and Controller”. They are suitable for borehole measurement in geology, metallurgy, coal mining field, oil field, and engineering project, especially for well measurement in deep borehole.

I. Main technical specification and parameters
1. JCH-1000 Automatic Cable Winding Winch
(1) Speed range: 0~30 meter/minute;
(2) Depth range: 0~1000 meters;
(3) Controlling mode: Used together with JCK-1 Automatic Winch Controller;
(4) Working temperature: -10~70 °C;
(5) Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;
(6) Motor power: 1100 W;
(7) Net weight: 110 kg (without cable);
(8) Size: 700 mm×550 mm×700 mm (Length ×Width ×Height);
2. JCH-1 Automatic Winch Controller
(1) Speed range: 0~30 meter/minute; Automatic/Manual total two controlling modes;
(2) Constant speed range: 0.5~20 meter/minute, error is ±5%;
(3) Depth range: 0~9999.99 meters, error ≤±0.4%;
(4) Controlling mode: Automatic, manual, and check;
(5) Controlling direction: Up, and down;
(6) Measurement mode: fixed point measurement, and continuous measurement;
(7) Working temperature: -10~55 °C;


(8) Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;

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