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DSHD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Tester

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 A:Brief description:

   DSHD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Tester is designed and made as per the industry standard of People’s Republic of China SH/T0165-92 Test Method for Distillation of High Boiling Point of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressure. 
    DSHD-0165A Vacuum Distillation Tester is suitable to determine the distillation characteristics of high boiling point petroleum products, such as wax oils, lubricating oils, etc.
B: Main technical features:
  1. Power supply: AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz
  2. Heating power:
  (1) Heater for distillation flask: 1000 W
  (2) Heater for receiving flask: 350 W
  3. Heating power for distillation flask: 0W to 1000 W, adjustable
  4. Temperature range for air bath of receiving flask: room temperature to 100 ℃
  5. Temperature sensor in the air bath: Pt100 platinum resistance
  6. Temperature controlling mode for air bath: Automatically control by digital display temperature controller
  7. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±1 ℃
  8. Cubage of buffer vessel:1000 ml
  9. Max. Residual pressure of vacuum pump: ≤2 mmHg
 10.Digital display pressure meter: Absolute pressure(0~200)mmHg
 11. Illumination light in the air bath of receiving flask: Energy-saving fluorescent lamp
 12.Working condition:
 (1) Ambient temperature: 5℃ to 35 ℃
 (2) Relative humidity: ≤85%
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