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DSHD-255 Distillation Tester for engine fuel/solvent oil/light petroleum products

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 A:Brief description:

    DSHD-255 Distillation Tester for engine fuel/solvent oil/light petroleum products is designed according the National Standard GB/T255 “Test Methods for Distillation Characteristics of Petroleum Products”, and Industry Standard SH/T 0121 “Technical Condition for Petroleum Products Distillation Tester”. 
   DSHD-255 Distillation Tester for engine fuel/solvent oil/light petroleum products is used to determine distillate of engine fuel, solvent oil, and light petroleum products.
B: Main technical features:
1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50 Hz;
2. Shield of flask: Made by iron sheet; its surface is plated to black; it has a wooden handle; there is a slot at the opposite side of handle to let branch tube of distillation flask go trough. It also has a rectangular observation window and there is transparent mica sheet inserted in the window.
3. Distillation flask: made by harden glass; It can endure temperature of more than 500 °C; Ball diameter of flask is 69±1mm, and neck diameter of flask is 16±1mm. The angle between branch tube and neck is 75°±3°;
4. Thermometer: 0~360°C; scale division is 1°C; it is in accord with GB514;
5. Holder for refrigeration bath: the refrigeration bath is composed of water bath, refrigeration tube and joint for water inlet and outlet; the refrigeration tube is made of copper tube of 16×1; inner surface of refrigeration tube is smooth and plated with Ni and Cr; the angle between refrigeration tube and water level is 15°; the length of refrigeration tube is 555±3mm when measured from the lower section of outer surface of refrigeration tube; the water outlet is in circular form; The height of joint for water outlet should be higher than the upper section of refrigeration tube for at least 10 mm, so as to ensure better refrigeration; the size of refrigeration bath is 180 mm × 100 mm×150 mm.
6. Heating system: it is composed of heating furnace, temperature adjustment circuit, and case. Its power is 1000 W/220 V and the heating rate is adjustable.
7. Graduated flask and iron block: there are two different graduated flasks, 10 ml and 100 ml; scale division of graduated flask of 10 ml is 0.1 ml and scale division of graduation of 100 ml is 1 ml; the iron block is made of carbon steel and is plated with Cu, Ni and Cr, so it is hard to rusted in the water. The iron block is placed around graduated flask to prevent graduated flask floating in the water.
8. Spaced ring for electric furnace: It is made of SiC; their outer diameters are 105mm, and there are three types of inner diameters, 50mm, 30mm, and with a gap.
9. Ambient temperature: -10~+35°C;
10. Relative humidity: ≤85%;
11. Total power consumption: not more than 1100 W.
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