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BZB-1000B semi downdraft paint booth

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BZB-1000B semi downdraft paint booth Features: 50mm EPS 0.426mm Wall panel, Roof panel: 50mm EPS/ 1.0mm galvanized steel 2 sets 4kw fan inlet, 1 set 5.5kw fan outlet, G10 burner, Max temp: 50℃ No basement, no bottom light

Detailed products discription

 BZB-1000 Spray Booth(Semi-Downdraft, exhuast through back)

Name: Spray Booth
Model: BZB-1000B
Inside Size(mm): 6900×4000×2800
Outside Size(mm): 8400×4100×3400
Front Door(mm): 3000(W)×2600(H)
Emergency Door(mm): 650(W)×2000(H)
Total Power(kw): 15kw
Cabin System
1) Wall panel: EPS colorful 0.426mm steel skin panel, 50mm thick, tongue & groove style, compound construction, aluminum-alloy frame, anti-flame and heat-insulation. 
2) Roof panel: 50mm EPS/ 1.0mm galvanized steel. 
3) Basement: No basement. Semi-Downdraft, exhuast through back.
4) Front Door: 3 folded glass door.
5) Glass: Main door and emergency door glasses are toughened glass.
Air Circulation System
1) Inlet Fan Model: YDW-4.5AL1; Capacity: 12000m3/h; Pressure: 825Pa; Speed: 900rpm, 2 sets. Total Air Inlet air capacity: 24000 m3/h.                                   
2) Outlet Fan Model: YDW-5.6S; Capacity: 15000m3/h; Pressure: 825Pa; Speed: 900rpm, 1 set. 
3) No-load air Speed: 0.25m/s.
4) Exhausted ducting: each air make-up system with 4m air outlet ducting and one elbow. 
Air Purification system
Dual filtering structure, the primary filter can capture granules larger than 10 μm. ceiling filter can capture granules bigger than 4μm. the whole purification system has capacity of large volume of dust. Its filtering rate reaches 98%. air pressure balance gauge, TSP≤1.4mg/m3.
Heating System
One set Italy Riello G10 Diesel burner, 100000Kcal/h, 10N Switzerland original electric damper motor can automatically achieve from spraying to baking cycle.
Max temp:50℃, heating time: 4-5min(20-50℃), fuel consumption: 4-5kg/vehicle.  
Lighting System
Ceiling Light: 8 sets*4pcs=24pcs 36w Philips Lamp; no bottom light, 800 Lux. Ballasts Professional and durable.
Controlling System
It is assembled by good electronic components. Main circuit has Multi-protection. Working Switch, Light Witch, Emergency Stop, Breakdown Alarm. 
Environmental System
Multi-layers fiberglass filter and active carbon.
welcome to send us inquiry and visit our factory in Guangzhou/Jiangsu.
Ms Cherry Tseng (Sales Manager)
H/P:+86 13066349312
Office Tel:+86-20-66293351

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