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Panasonic CM402 140 Nozzle KXFX0386A00

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Panasonic CM402 140 Nozzle KXFX0386A00

KXFX0383A00 Nozzle 110 (KXFX04MSA00,KXFX03DGA00)
KXFX04MTA00 Nozzle 115 (KXFW1BDAA00)
KXFX037NA00 Nozzle 115A
KXFX0384A00 Nozzle 120
KXFX0385A00 Nozzle 130
KXFX0386A00 Nozzle 140
N610017371AC Nozzle 110S
N610017372AC Nozzle 115AS
N610017373AC Nozzle 120S
N610017375AC Nozzle 130S
N610043702AA Nozzle 140S
N610040786AA Nozzle 225CS
N610040787AA Nozzle 226CS
N610040788AA Nozzle 230CS
N610043815AA Nozzle 235CS
N610040853AA Nozzle 240CS
N610040782AA Nozzle 225C
N610040783AA Nozzle 226C
N610040784AA Nozzle 230C
N610043814AA Nozzle 235C
N610062681AA Nozzle 240C
KXFX05V2A00 Nozzle 206A
N610030510AC Nozzle 206AS
KXFX04N0A00 Nozzle 205
N610000995AA Nozzle 205A
N610017370AC Nozzle 205S
KXFX03DPA01 Nozzle 450
N610054394AA Nozzle 450S
N610004673AA Nozzle 161
N610058431AA Nozzle 161S
KXFX03DSA00 Nozzle 1001
KXFX03DUA00 Nozzle 1002
KXFX03DWA00 Nozzle 1003
KXFX03DYA00 Nozzle 1004
KXFX03E0A00 Nozzle 1005


if you need, please advise us your P/N,thanks in advance.


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