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optical amici roof prism

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 Amici prism also named as right angle roof prism, instead of the inclined surface with two mutually perpendicular reflecting surfaces of a rectangular prism. Role roof surface is increased without changing the optical axis direction of the first reflection, so that the total reflection prism becomes the odd number even. Cartesian beam roof prism has turned 90 degrees, and as just as nature, so this prism is widely used in telescope systems, imaging systems, observation systems and ranging systems.

The general tolerance specifications above provide a guideline regarding manufacturing capabilities for optics ranging in size from 3-76.2mm. The manufacturing limits are not absolute;tighter tolerances may be possible. Part specific tolerances may vary depending on component size, shape, and/or material.
Specification of our amici prism as follow:
*Material BK7 or UV grade fused silica 
*Dimension Tolerances +/-0.1mm 
*Clear Aperture >80% 
*Surface Quality:60/40 Scratch/Dig
*Surface Flatness lambda/4 at 633nm 
*Angle Tolerance 60 degree+/-3 minutes 
*Chamfer 0.3mm+/-0.1mm m
*Coatings Optional

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