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Segmented sintered saw blade 120

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Foshan Golden Whirlwind Abrasive Tool Co. Ltd


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Used in cutting polished porcelain tiles, wearable ceramic tiles, rustic tiles, glaze floor and wall tiles. It can be used by single blade or multi blades, having the advantages of high sharpness, flat cutting slots, no chipping and long-lasting performance.


Suitable machines:

Various manual cutting machines, automatic machines like KEDA/KEXINDA/AITAO etc. Single-head or multi-heads machine


Application scopes:

Various porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, crystal tiles, glazed tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles ect.



All kinds of specification and performance of saw blades are based on customer’s requirement.
The users get to choose the appropriate saw blades before using. Please contact dealer if having any questions.
Wear ANSI-compliant eye protection. Never operate saw without proper working guard.   Never use if damage (i.e. breakage, cracks, loose tips) is suspected. Never use on metal. Never use on saw that exceeds maximum blade RPM.


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