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marble diamond segments, diamond segments for marble

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Buy diamond segments from China reputable diamond segments manufacturers

Base on world famous stone area -Shuitou, Quanzhou city,where 90% of world stone could be found here, that is the reason why our diamond segments are recognized and popular around the world. We are the member of Stone Association, we work with many stone manufacturers together, our diamond segments occupy a certain percentage in cutting high-level stones, such as marble, high grade imported stone, and can be used in . 

Relying on Italian and other advanced equipments,keep learning world advanced technology. Base on premium quality our competitive prices help us won the market and reputation.
By forceful technical support and scientific research, we are always experimenting new cutting materials and new diamond formula to lower the cost on the premise of good quality. As the member of Xiamen stone association, we have  many opportunities to test hundreds of stones from all over the world. We also appreciate that customers provide stone technical information for us to research.

Our segments are mainly used in stones, including ,limestone, andesite, etc.

We also produce diamond segments in the field of cutting, grinding and drilling, such as concrete diamond blades uses, diamond grinding discs uses, diamond hole saw uses and other special uses.
sintering diamond segments

sinter diamond segments

Diamond Segment Specifications:

Blade Diameter(mm) Core Thickness(mm) Segment Dimension(mm) Segment Numbers Application
Φ300 1.8/2.2/2.4 40x3.0 x12(15) 21/22 Granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, andesite, basalt, concrete and other special materials
Φ350 1.8/2.2/2.4 40x3.2 x12(15) 24/25
Φ400 2.2/2.4/2.8 40x3.4 x12(13,15) 28
Φ500 2.8/3.0/3.2 40x4.2 x12(13,15) 36
Φ600 3.0/3.6 40x4.6 x12(13,15) 42
Φ800 4.5/5.0 40x6.0 x12(15,20) 46
Φ1000 5.0 24x7.0/6.2x 15(20) 70
Φ1200 5.5 24x7.4/6.6x 15(20) 80
Φ1400 6.5 24x8.4/7.6x 15(20) 92
Φ1600 7.2 24x9.2/8.4x 15(20) 104/108
Φ2000 8.0 24x10.6/9.8x 15(20) 128/132
Φ2500 9.0 24x11.5/10.5x15(20) 140
Φ3500 9.5 24x13.5/13.0/12.2x30 180

 *Other specification and sizes are available for customer's requirements.

Important: We are responsible manufacturer and always strict to our quality, we keep quality guarantee. We have various formula for the for different area and countries, although our diamond segments have been tested successfully in many countries, If customers are not satisfied with the quality or its life, we can still make another set of segment to you as free, the formula of the new segment will be adjusted according to your comment(overcome the fault of your manual operation and the improper machinery operation).

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