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SB3 Ball Bearing Boom stand with Universal Arm

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It is designed to allow maximum freedom of movement and to deliver the adjustably you need. It is the systems to work and inspect large parts under microscope.

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  1. Base dimension: 385x260x32mm, the max. distance from the vertical post to the end of base: 235mm.
    Vertical Post: OD. 37mm, main post 380mm, a 225mm extension post can be attached.
    A Lock Ring on vertical post for stopping.
    Horizontal Post: Smooth ball bearing movement, OD. 20mm for each shaft, Long 570mm (end to end), travel distance from vertical post to the end of horizontal post: 15.5-37mm. End of horizontal post has a 5/8'' hole that will fit Universal and Arbor arms.
  2. Universal Arm (E-Arm): 5/8'' fitting, ID. of Ring 83mm or 76mm for microscope body, centerline to 6'' from the fitting to ring. Vertical working distance 54mm(+26,28)

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