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HYPCIT Primary current injection tester

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HYPCIT series primary current injection tester is applied in power system for circuit breaker test, protection system test and current transformer test. The current injection tester generates a high current from power supply to simulate the rated current or fault current in the primary circuit of power equipment.


1)High current output injected to the main circuit of power line to simulate the fault current. And then check whether the protection system will be operated according to the design
2) High current output injected to the primary of current transformer and then measure the inducted current from secondary by error measurement instrument to check the ratio error and phase displacement of CT
3)High current output injected to the main circuit of circuit breaker to simulate the rated current in primary. And then check the stability of circuit breaker according to the temperature rise procedure.
4)Considered as a AC high current source in power equipment or cable test.

Primary current injection tester technical index:
1 Power supply: AC220V or AC 400V, 45Hz~65Hz.  The power supply voltage is depends on the power output capacity. Detail information is as table 1.
2 Typical output current: 500A or 1000A or 2000A 
   Typical output capacity 3KVA or 5KVA or10KVA or15KVA 
   It can be customized according to your requirements from above specs
3 Impendence voltage: 8%
4 Idle current: 6%
5 Current distortion <5%
6 Current is measured from the secondary of current transformer which is installed in the internal of the current booster. The display unit is 4 and 1/2 digitals current meter. Maximum measurement error 0.5%RDG+5D.
7 Timer indication of test running is an optional configuration. The timer could be customized according to the requirement of customer from the follow list:
   1) 4 digital timer from 0~9999s / 0~999.9s /0~99.99s, accuracy 0.5%RDG+5D
   2) 5 digital timer from 0~99999s / 0~9999.9s /0~999.99s, accuracy 0.2%RDG+2D
   3) 6 digital timer from 0~999999s / 0~99999.9s /0~9999.99s, accuracy 0.1%RDG+1D
8 work temperature:0~40 C, Humidity <90%

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