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Three Phase Tariff Control (GPRS Meter)

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DTZY1277-G three phase tariff control smart meter mainly applies to power plant, substation and various enterprises which have a high reliability and stability measurement demand, 0.4kv distribution transformers and common commercial users. It communicates with control center, supports Q/GDW130-2005, protocol and local communication conforms to DL/T645-2007 protocol. Through GPRS wireless network, the meter achieves remote meter-reading, remote tariff control and anti-stealing alarm.

  • Main Functions
  1. Energy Measurement: Forward and reverse active measurement and four-quadrant reactive      measurement; time sharing payment; single-phase forward/reverse active measurement.
  2. Demand Measurement: Within specified time interval, measuring the maximum demand of single direction/bi-direction, maximum demand at different time, date and time when it occurs, at the same time; storing data with time scale, 12 account days’ data of maximum demand.
  3. Time Consumption Rate: Supporting 4 rates (peak, high, normal, bottom). 2 time zones can be set within one year and at least 14 periods within 24h.
  4. Measurement monitoring: Measuring voltage/current (including neutral line) of the total or single phase, active or reactive power, power factor and any other parameters.
  5. Data Freeze:  Supporting fixed time freeze, daily freeze, temporality freeze, hourly freezing, etc. data at certain time can be stored.
  6. Load Recording: The recorded data can be combined randomly and different time intervals setting, Available to record 3 days data in case the time period is set less than 15 min.
  7. Event Recording:  Recording the exact time when programming, cover opening, power fail, timing, tripping, etc. and the corresponding meter state when those occur; freeze and alarm.
  8. Clock Timing:  Built-in the temperature compensation element in clock circuit; Automatic change-over between calendar, timing and lead year time broadcasting.
  9. Front Display:  LCD screen with large size; backlight reading; flexible to set display items.
  10. Communication Module: RS-485, GPRS wireless and infrared communication port, each interface is independent.
  11. Remote Tariff Control: Adopting RS-485 and wireless module to achieve data communication; supporting handheld communication and remote switch on/off.
  12. Anti-stealing Alarm:  Operating state monitoring, automatically submitting information of stealing, illegal operation and faults, etc.
  • Main Parameters  


Technical Requirement




Reference Voltage



Transformer Connecting Type: 1.5(6)A

Direct Connecting Type: 5(60)A, 10(100)A

Accuracy Class

Active 0.5s, 1.0 class  reactive 2.0 class

Operating Temperature

Specified Temperature: 25~60

Limit operating temperature: 40~70

Relative Humidity

≤95%no condensation



Static Loss



≥10 years



L×W×H: 290mm×170mm×85mm

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