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Automatic closed cup flash point tester of petroleum products

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Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd


Corporation/Limited Liability Company

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 Scope of application

Applied standards: GB/T 261-2008, ASTM D93-02

Application range: applies to the determination of flash point of petroleum products. This product can measure the flash point of petroleum products in the range of 40-370°Cas required by the standards.


Function characteristics

1, According to GB / T 261-2008 standard for different types of samples A andB two experimental procedures to choose from;

2, Innovation introduced the U.S. imports XECOM data processing chip, fast and accurate processing of the data;

3, Innovative use of the furnace tilting system automatically experiment after the furnace cooling rate faster greatly shorten the time interval between the repeated experiments;

4, The instrument has a self-diagnostic function, automatic prompts to equipment failure;

5,The instrument has self over-temperature protection, over-Measuring range can be arbitrarily set;

6, color liquid crystal display, real-time simulation of real-time trace shows a function of time warming up and test curve, operator interface prompts;


Technical parameters

1 Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz (also can be customized to 110V)

2,Range: room temperature ~ 300 ° C;

3, Repeatability:  2 ° C;

4,Reproducibility:  4 ° C The visibility: 0.1 ° C;

5, Accuracy: 0.5 ° C;

6, Heating rate: meet GB/T261-2008 standard

7 Ignition way: electronic ignition gas flame

8, Ambient temperature :10-40 ° C;

9, Adapt to the environment humidity: <85%

10 Total power consumption: not more than 300W “

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