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Pour and cloud point tester Multifunctional Low Temperature Test Apparatus

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 Scope of application


Multifunctional Low Temperature Tester  is suitable to determine freezing point, pour point, cloud point and cold filter plugging point of petroleum products. It is also suitable to determine relative index of petroleum products as per ASTM D97, ASTM D2500, ISO3015, ISO3016 and IP309.


Function characteristics


1,Operating conditions: Room temperature condition

2,Test hole:8-hole

3,Chilling vat:Four-groove


Technical parameters

1 , Measuring range: Bath I: -20 ~ 10 ;

Bath II: -28 ~ 10 ;

Bath III: -35 ~ 10 ;

Bath IV ( can be tilted 45 °): -68 ~ 10 ;

Bath IV tilt 45 °, temperature controller automatic chronograph , 60s automatic alarm

2 , Temperature control accuracy : ± 0.5 

3 , Cold bath test slots: four slots

4 , Cold bath test holes : eight holes

5 , Rated power : 900W

6 Insulation resistance : ≥ 2MΩ       

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