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HYJB-PC6 6 Phase Relay Tester

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Wuhan Huaying Electric Power Tech & Science Co.,ltd


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 This tester with standard 6 phase voltage, 6 phase current output, voltage 125V/phase, current 30A/phase, 6 phases in parallel can up to 180A. Digital Signal Processor Microcomputer. Not only test the traditional relays and protectors, but also test the modern micro computer replays, special for transformer differential protection and transfer equipments.

Technical index:

1.AC current source  
  Current range: 6x (0~30A)/phase, accuracy 0.5%.    
  6 phase parallel current output: 180A 
  Phase current working value for allowed long time: 10A 
  Power: 300VA/phase 
  Maximum output power of 6 phases in parallel: 900VA 
  Maximum permitted work time of 6 phases in parallel: 10S 
  Frequency range: 0~1000Hz; accuracy: 0.001Hz 
  Harmonic time: 2~20; phase: 0--360°; accuracy: 0.1° 
2.DC current source 
  Current range: 20A / phase, power: 300VA/phase, accuracy:0.5% 
3.AC voltage source 
  Phase voltage output:6x( 0~125V)/phase, accuracy: 0.5%    
  Line voltage output: 0~250V 
  Phase voltage / Line voltage output power: 70VA / 100VA 
  Frequency range: 0~1000Hz accuracy: 0.001Hz 
  Harmonic time: 2~20; phase: 0--360°; accuracy: 0.1° 
4.DC voltage source 
  Phase voltage output range: 0~±150V  accuracy: 0.5%  
  Line voltage output range: 0~±300V 
  Phase voltage / Line voltage output power: 90VA / 180VA 
5.Switch terminal 
  Switch input terminals: 8 pairs 
  Dead contact: 1-20mA, 24V active output inside the device. 
  Potential flip: 0--6V DC low level 
  15-250V DC high level 
  Switch output terminals: 4 pairs, dead contact, rupturing capacity: 110V/2A, 220V/1A 
6.Time measurement range 
  Range: 1ms-9999s; accuracy: 1ms

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