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HYJB-PC Universal Relay System Tester

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HYJB-PC Relay tester Introduction
Meets all the requirement of field tests. This tester with standard 4 phase voltage, 3 phase
current output, voltage 125V/phase, current 40A/phase, 3 phases in parallel can up to
120A. Digital Signal Processor Microcomputer. Not only test the traditional relays and
protectors, but also test the modern micro computer replays, special for transformer
differential protection and transfer equipments
All technical indicators fully meet the standard DL/T624-1997: Technical condition of the
relay computer test device.
Classic Windows XP operating interface, friendly man-machine interface, easy and fast to
operate; High-performance embedded industrial control computer and 8.4 inch 8.4 - inch
resolution of 800 × 600 TFT true color display which provides rich visual information,
includes the current working condition and all kinds of help information.
The Windows XP system comes with the restore function; avoid system crashes caused
due to illegal shutdown, or malfunction, etc.
Equipped with ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse, complete a variety of
operations using keyboard or mouse the same as ordinary PC.
The main control board is DSP + FPGA architecture, 16 bit DAC output, generates high -
density sine wave 2000 points each circle to fundamental wave, which greatly improve the
wave quality and the accuracy of the test instrument.
Using high-fidelity linear amplifier. Both to ensure the accuracy of a low current, but also
guarantee the stability of the high current.
USB directly connect with PC, without any adapter cable, easy to use.
Can be connected to a laptop computer (optional).Laptop computers and industrial
machines use the same software, no need to re-learn the methods of operation.
With GPS synchronization test function. The device can be built-in GPS synchronization
card (optional) connects with PC by RS232; people can do remote synchronization swap
test for the two testers.
With a separate DC auxiliary voltage source, output voltage 110V(1A),220V(0.6A),
provides relays or protective devices which require DC power
The software with self calibrating function, which avoid to calibrate accuracy by adjusting
relays after open the case, greatly improve the stability of the accuracy

1. AC current source
    Phase current output (effective value): 0~40A/phase, accuracy 0.5%.
    3 phase parallel current output (effective value): 0~120A/3 phase parallel output in same phase
    Phase current working value for allowed long time (effective value): 10A
    Maximum output power of each Phase: 420VA
    Maximum output power of 3 parallel current: 900VA
    Maximum permitted work time of 3 parallel current: 10S
    Frequency range: 0~1000Hz; accuracy: 0.001Hz
    Harmonic time: 2~20; phase: 0--360°; accuracy: 0.1°
2. DC current source
    Current output: 0~±30A / phase, accuracy:0.5%
3. AC voltage source
    Phase voltage output (effective value): 0~125V/phase, accuracy: 0.5%
    Line voltage output (effective value): 0~250V
    Phase voltage / Line voltage output power: 75VA / 100VA
    Frequency range: 0~1000Hz accuracy: 0.001Hz
    Harmonic time: 2~20; phase: 0--360°; accuracy: 0.1°
4. DC voltage source
    Phase voltage output range: 0~±150V accuracy: 0.5%
    Line voltage output range: 0~±300V
    Phase voltage / Line voltage output power: 970VA / 180VA
5. Switch terminal
    Switch input terminals: 8 pairs
    Dead contact: 1-20mA, 24V active output inside the device.
    Potential flip: 0--6V DC low level
    15-250V DC high level
    Switch output terminals: 4 pairs, dead contact, rupturing capacity: 110V/2A, 220V/1A
6. Time measurement range
    Range: 1ms-9999s; accuracy: 1ms
7. Dimension & weight
    Dimension: 455 (mm)×530 (mm)×220 (mm)
    Weight: 20Kg.
8. Power
    AC220V±10% 50Hz 10A

Payment Term: CFR/FOB     Contact at: whhy818(@)
Price Term: T/T     Name: Miss Chloe Shuyue Wang
Port of Shipment:    Wuhan, China     Product Warranty:  12 months
Port of Destination/     Quotation Warranty: 3 months
Transportation:          By Air     Delivery Time:  7 working days

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