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ZP bearing HK series Drawn up needle roller

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Changzhou Zhongpin Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd


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 Welcome to zp needle bearing show room, thank you for looking! 

BK HK series drawn cup needl roller bearings 

We have the following part numbers:
HK0408TN HK0509 HK0607 HK0608 HK0609 HK0611 HK0808 HK0810 HK0908 HK0910 HK0911 HK0912 HK1010 HK1012 HK1015 HK1208 HK1210 HK1212 HK1311 HK1312 HK1410 HK1412 HK1416 HK1512 HK1514 HK1515 HK1516 HK1522 HK1612 HK1614 HK1616 HK1617 HK1622 HK1712 HK1714 HK1716 HK1718 HK1812 HK1816 HK2010 HK2011 HK2012 HK2014 HK2016 HK2018 HK2020 HK2025 HK2030 HK2210 HK2212 HK2216 HK2220 HK2230 HK2512 HK2514 HK2516 HK2518 HK2520 HK2525 HK2526 HK2538 HK2816 HK2818 HK2820 HK3012 HK3016 HK3018 HK3020 HK3026 HK3028 HK3224 HK3232 HK3512 HK3516 HK3520 HK4012 HK4016 HK4020 HK4512 HK4516 HK4520 HK5012 HK5020 HK5025 HK5520 HK5525 HK5528 HK6012 HK6020 HK6032 HK6*12*8 HK7*12*8 HK7*12*9 HK8*14*10 HK8*14*12 HK9*15*10 HK10*13*8 HK10*15*15 HK10*16*10 HK10*16*12 HK10*16*15 HK10*17*15 HK10*18*12 HK12*17*12 HK12*17*15 HK12*17*18 HK12*18*12 HK12*18*14 HK12*19*12 HK15*20*12 HK15*20*16 HK15*22*12 HK16*21*6 HK16*21*9 HK17*24*15 HK17*25*14 HK17*25*18 HK19*27*16 HK20*27*18 HK20*27*20 HK20*27*30 HK20*28*16 HK20*29*18 HK25*33*10 HK25*33*15 HK25*35*20 HK30*38*12 HK30*38*16 HK30*38*24 HK30*38*11 HK35*43*16 HK35*43*25 HK35*43*32 HK35*45*12 HK36*42*12 HK38*48*30 HK40*50*32 HK40*50*38 HK45*55*38 HK50*57*16 HK50*60*38,

Delivery time: A. There is stock for products: 3days 
B. No in stock and semi-finished products: 15-30days 

As a professional bearing products supplier with many years experiences, we could offer many kinds of good quality bearings. We are open to all sincere buyers, for further information, welcome to make inquiry, thank you for taking time to read our information!

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