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Magnetostrictive Wire

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 Product Description                                                                                         

Other Names:

l         Alloy Wire forMagnetostrictive Sensors

l         Waveguide Wire

l         Waveguide Wire used for transducer

l         Waveguide Wire used for Sensor

l         Magnetostrictive wire

l         Alloy wire for magnetostrictive sensors

l         magnetostriction alloy

Property of Magnetostrictive Waveguide Wire:

l         Magnetostrictive waveguide wire for level gauge level sensor and displacement sensor.

l         Magnetostriction is a property of ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, and cobalt.

l         When placed in a magnetic field, these materials change size and/or shape.

l         An important characteristic of a wire made of a magnetostrictive material is the Wiedemann effect. When an axial magnetic field is applied to a magnetostrictive wire, and a current is passed through the wire, a twisting occurs at the location of the axial magnetic field. The twisting is caused by interaction of the axial magnetic field, usually from a permanent magnet, with the magnetic field along the magnetostrictive wire, which is present due to the current in the wire. The current is applied as a short-duration pulse, -1 or 2 us; the minimum current density is along the centerof the wire and the maximum at the wire surface. This is due to the skin effect.

l         The magnetic field intensity is also greatest at the wire surface. This aids in developing the waveguide twist. Since the current is applied as a pulse, the mechanical twisting travels in the wire as an ultrasonic wave. The magnetostrictive wire is therefore called the waveguide. The wave travels at the speed of sound in the waveguide material, ~ 3O00 m/s.

l         Magnetostriction coefficient: 28PPM

l         Density: 8.1g/cm3

l         Tensile strength: Above 930MPa

l         Working temperature: -40~85℃


l         Magnetostrictive level gauge

l         Magnetostrictive level sensor

l         Magnetostrictive position sensor

l         Magnetostrictive displacement sensor

l         Magnetostrictive linear displacement transducer

l         Magnetostrictive transducer

l         Other sensors where magnetostrictive wire needed


Size in Stock:

l         Bright Magnetostrictive Waveguide Wire: 0.15mm, 0.35mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1.00mm,1.2mm

l         Heat-resisting Magnetostrictive Waveguide Wire :0.9mm


About our product---- Magnetostrictive Waveguide Wire:

l         We have a large number of stock of magnetostrictive waveguide wire. Inventory of each specification is more than ten thousand meters.

l         The stock of specifications is above, in addition to the existing specifications, other specifications can be customized, delivery in 20 days. 

l         Our products have been widely used in China, in addition to the domestic but also exported to Turkey, South Korea, Iran, South Africa and many other countries.

l         Our waveguide wire was tested by a great many companies which produce Magnetostrictive Sensors. And the test results are all very good. If needed, we can provide sample free of charge.

l         We are the most professional supplier of Magnetostrictive Waveguide Wire in China. Welcome to consult.




Company Information 


About Us----Hua'an International:

l         Huaansteel is a professional supplier of stainless steel, anti-corrosion alloy, high temperature alloy and precision alloy. Huaansteel supplies products in forms of pipe/tube, plate, sheet, strip, bar, wire, forging, flange, fitting, fastener, ring...or fabrication per customers’ specification and drawing. The customers of Huaansteel are from Italy, Poland, Greece, South Korea, Iran, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Argentina, Honduras, Hongkong and the market is still expanding.

l         Hua’an international is ready to give our fully support on your requirements and we are looking forward to the coopeartion with you on long term basis.


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