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99.9% Silver Shading Ring Solenoid Armature Assembly

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1, Know More Specification of BAPC214533002

1.1, This silver shading ring solenoid valve core including parts of Fixed nucleus, stainless steel tube, mobile plunger, spring, O-ring and seal

1.2, Installation overall size: Tube diameter 14.5mm, Tube height for coil installation 30mm

1.3, Nonmagnetic tube design: Seamless SUS304 stainless steel

1.4, Test: Each piece tested by 12 bar gas pressure

1.5, Type: 2 Way (without exhausting hole at top plugnut)

1.6, Voltage: AC and DC

1.7, Application example: pure water and reverse osmosis water applications


2, Material of Each Part We Use:

2.1: Fixed nucleus: High performance magnetic stainless steel iron, almost similar as 430FR, with 99.9% silver shading ring

2.2: Nonmagnetic tube: 304 Stainless steel

2.3: Mobile plunger: High performance magnetic stainless steel iron, almost similar as 430FR

2.4: O-ring: Viton

2.5: Seal: Viton, PTFE

2.6: Spring: SUS304

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