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  • Port:Shenzhen
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
  • Supply Ability:3000  per Month
  • Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union,Others

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Shining International Tech Limited


Business Type:Trading

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Neew idea Combine the advertising with barrier gate Torque motor,steady,low noise 100% duty cycle Auto fault-detect 5--8 Million Times Duty

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Technical parameters
Operating Voltage 220V+10%/Hz
Motor Power 140W
Working temperature -30℃~+80℃
Relative humidity ≤95%
Barrier boom length No more than 3.7 meters
Advertising turning plate number Depending on the boom length
Advertising turning plate size 92mm*830mm
Screen size boxes 450mm*880mm
LED lights power 15A,200W
After the lift rod height Depending on the rod length
Working speed Generally for 5 seconds (special requirements can be customized)
The beam center height 1050mm
Remote distance ≤30m
Input Interface +12 Level signal or pulse signal is greater than 100ms, the drive current of less than 10mA
Communication Interface RS485 electrical standards
Dimensions 450mm*800mm*1245mm

Model Landing speed time Boom length L1 Plate quantity Advertising board dimension
ST800 5S 3.2M 29 2730mm*830mm
5S 3.7M 34 3280mm*830mm


  • Advertising faces high-end consumer
  • Compulsory spread, all consumers must view ads during in and out
  • Strong anti-jamming capability, no other ads effect
  • Long lasting time,Ads can be showed, 24hours, 7days



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Sara Tang