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Silicone Glassfiber Sleeving


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 Silicone Glassfiber Sleeving is baided into tubes with non-alkli glassfiber ,and then painted with silicone through high temperature .It has such features as excellent electricity-avoidness,flame off -self and flexibility.It is widely used in insulating protection of H&N Grade automobile、shipbuilding、electrial machinery ,home appliance,elctric&heat equipment ,special lightware and internal wires bunching of TV and electronic equipment,etc.  


Technology index Off-self time: 30seconds


Type/file No. Testing Condition Lighting-resistance Temperature-resistance Inserting Voltage Average voltage Individual Value
SGS-15 E233804 UL1441 UL V W-1 +200℃-10℃ D 1500V 1000V
SGS-25 E233804 UL1441 UL V W-1 +200℃-10℃ C 2500V 1800V
SGS-40 E233804 UL1441 UL V W-1 +200℃-10℃ B 4000V 2500V
SRS-70 E233803 UL1441 UL V W-1 +200℃-10℃ A 7000V 5000V

Inside diameter measurement:


Inside diameter                              Wall thickness
Range Tolerance 7000V(A grade) 4000V(B grade)     C,D grade             
0.5-2.0mm +0.20-0.00mm 0.45±0.05mm 0.40±0.05mm 0.35±0.05mm
2.5-3.0mm +0.25-0.00mm 0.50±0.05mm 0.40±0.05mm 0.35±0.05mm
3.5-5.0mm +0.35-0.00mm 0.55±0.05mm 0.50±0.05mm 0.42±0.05mm
6.0-9.0mm +0.50-0.00mm 0.60±0.05mm 0.55±0.05mm 0.45±0.05mm
10.0-12.0mm +0.70-0.00mm 0.65±0.05mm 0.60±0.05mm 0.53±0.05mm
13.0-20.0mm +0.80-0.00mm 0.70±0.05mm 0.65±0.05mm 0.56±0.05mm
22.0-35.0mm +0.90-0.00mm 1.05±0.05mm 1.00±0.05mm 0.70±0.05mm

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