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Silicone Rubber Glassfiber insulating Sleeving


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 Silicone Rubber Glassfiber insulating Sleeving(inside rubber and outside fiber)is extruded into tubes from silicone rubber,coated with braided glassfiber and then pained with silicone through high temperature .It has execellent insulating protection and temperature -resistance function. It is also widey used in insulating protection of H&N Grade automobile、shipbuilding、electrial machinery ,home appliance,electric&heat equipment ,special lightware.Etc. 

Inside diameter measurement:


Inside diameter Wall thickness
Range Tolerance
1.0-2.5mm +0.20-0.00mm 0.60±0.05mm
3.0-5.0mm +0.30-0.00mm 0.70±0.05mm
6.0-7.0mm +0.35-0.00mm 0.75±0.05mm
8.0-9.0mm +0.40-0.00mm 0.80±0.05mm
10.0-12.0mm +0.50-0.00mm 090±0.05mm
13.0-25.0mm +0.65-0.00mm 1.30±0.05mm


Technology index: Off-self time: 30seconds


Type/file No. Testing Condition Lighting-resistance Temperature-resistance Average voltage Individual Value
SRS-70 E233803 UL1441 UL V W-1 +200℃-10℃ 7000V 6000V




Continuous Operating Temperature -10℃+200℃
Temperature Endurance 265℃±2℃ 168>1/2 Original Value of voltage
Aging Test 260℃、6hrs without crackle
Cold Bend Without crackle
Horizontal Flame Test <30 seconds
Flame Retardance <30 seconds
Submerge Water Test Non-sticky、non-deformed、non-bated

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