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42U  velocity 19
42U  velocity 19

42U velocity 19"aluminum structure network racks with tempered glass door

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ShenZhen YaLian Industries Co.,LtD

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YaLian YAN series enclosure completely changes the traditional structure design idea and develops a brand new aluminum alloy structure enclosure as its standard configuration of the cabinet’s products. Aluminum alloy structure enclosure integrate and adopt different kinds of modern manufacturing techniques and material techniques ,which breaks through the limitation of the traditional sheet metal art craft and totally overthrow the traditional image of “sheet metal cabinet”. As the core of aluminum alloy structure enclosure, the frame molded as whole at one time by large precision pressure casting equipment. The integrate structure brings the inherent characters of high precision and high strength. The precision die-casting frames fully exert the precise and complex molding capability of precision casting techniques. It plays a crucial role in simplifying the whole structure, controlling the cost, reducing the assembling complexity, and enhancing the assembling precision. The pillars with heavy section design ,greatly upgrade the carrying capacity and anti-distortion of the post and enhance the precision of the interface dimension, which make the following equipment assembly easily and smoothly, and also reduce the difficulties in assembling adjustment . The pillars adopts the techniques of aluminum drawing profile, overcomes the design limitation of traditional sheet metal rack with same thickness of cabinet sides ,and adopt the same intensity design to realize higher strength in the key parts with smaller materials consumption . The enclosure totally adopts the magnesium aluminum alloy structure, making the weight decrease to less than 40% of steel rack with the main loading parts keep in high strength at the same time. It relieves the burthen pressure of floor due to the increasing heaviness equipments.The enclosure’s static loading capacity is up to 1500kgs Totally use aluminum alloy structure can greatly decrease the quantity of the spare parts


19” Magnesium aluminum alloy structure

Static load capacity: 1500 Kg

Ventilation rate: ≥70%

Standard dimension :

Height : 19U, 24U, 28 , 33U, 37U, 42U

Width  : 600mm,  Depth  : 600mm,


ADC12 aluminum high precision die-casting entirety top & bottom frame.

Pillars with 6063_T5 tensile aluminum

Thickness:≥2.5mmthickness of bearing parts:≥5.0mm

Surface finish:

Degrease pickling ,rust-proof, parkering , electrostatic spray (fine sand blast)

Color Option:

Black (RAL 9005)

Black grey (RAL 7021 )

Light grey (RAL 7035 )

Signal black (RAL 9004)

Doors option :

Front door:

        1 :  Single panel with aluminum frame,

       tempered glazed door. Safety glass:5mm


Rear door & Side doors:

       1 :  Single panel Solid cold rolled steel

               sheet (thickness:1.0-1.5)

        2 :  Single panel Mesh door: Hexagon


            3 :  Double mesh door: Hexagon perforated

Maximum door angle:

Front door: 180°

Rear door: 130°


Standards :


19’’ mounting to IEC297-1 Overall cabinet dimentions for IEC297-2 DIN41494 part 7 ANSI/EIA RS-310-D


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