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DZD-6A Underground Water detection, Water detection Device and Water Detection Equipment

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 DZD-6A Muti-function DC Resistivity & IP Instruments    



Main Characteristic:


 1. By utilizing relevantparameters of apparent resistivity and induced plorization method, the instrument is widely used in many aspects including metal and non-metal mineral resources exploration, energy exploration, city geophysical exploration, railway and bridge engineering exploration, etc.


2. Multiple functions in one Machine: not only can be used alone, but also support various functional extensions;


3. High Density Measurement system: connect DUK-2A multichannel electrode converter(60 channels or 120 channels);


4. Medium power DC IP Measurement system: connect DJS-9 direct current IP receiver.



Technical Index &Parameter:


Model & Name:

DZD-6A Multi-Function DC Resistivity & IP Instruments

Max. Power Supply Voltage:


Max. Power Supply Current:


Voltage Measuring Range:


Voltage Measuring Accuracy:

(Vp>10mV) ±5%, ±1 digit; (Vp<10mV) ±1%, ±1 digit

Current Measuring Range:


Current Measuring Accuracy:

Ip>10mA) ±5%, ±1 digit; (Ip<10mA) ±1%, ± digit

Interference Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency

Better than 80dB

SP Compensation Range:


Instrument Input Impedance:


Operating Temperature:

-10°C~50°C, 95%Rh

Machine Size:


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