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Insulating oil tester

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Made in wuhan huaying electric power 100KV and 80 kv for choose

Detailed products discription

 Transformer oil tester functions:

Breakdown test of user-defined

Proof test

IEC60156/IS6792/BS5874 test

ASTM D1816 standard test ASTM D877 standard test

5 minutes standard test

Manual test

Calibration interface for customers, result print

Uploading data to PC and making word report automatically.


Dielectric oil tester technique index:

Output voltage:AC 0V~100KV

Rate of voltage rise: 0.5kv/s±5%, 2kv/s±5%, 3kv/s±5%,5kv/s±5%

Max test times setting for user-defined mode: 9

Stir time setting for user-defined mode: 0~999s

Waiting time setting for user-defined mode: 0~999s

Test error: 3%RDG+0.3%FS

Display: 256*128 LCD

Maximum storage capacity: 100 groups of test data

Power supply : AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Environment temperature: 0-50°C

Relative humidity ≤80%RH

Weight 41kg

Size: 620 mm*430mm*330mm

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Chloe Shuyue Wang