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Winding resistance tester 10A

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Made in China Wuhan Huaying Electric Power

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There are four DC currents to select for HYZC-20A which has a large output power, the power of the tester itself is very little.

Used four lines, it is quick,stable,high precision for testing the winding resistance.

In addition, it has a strong ability for anti-jamming ,over current ,over voltage and discharge.

The security is also very high, So it is a ideal tester for testing various resistances especially the sensibility equipment.


Technical index:


1.Resistance precision:±(0.2%RGD+2d)

2.Test range:



   10.00mΩ-10.00Ω (2A)

   4.000mΩ-4.000Ω (5A)

   2.000mΩ-2.000Ω (10A)

   1.000mΩ-1.000Ω (20A)

3.The least scale:1uΩ

4.Output current precision:±5%

5.Support for data uploading to PC

6.Two hundred groups of data can be stored

7.With thermal printer to print the test data


9.Power supply:AC220V±10%,(50±1)HZ

10.Operation condition:-10~50℃ Humidity <90% No condensation.


We make winding resistance tester at 10A and 20A, please feel free to contact us,

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Chloe Shuyue Wang