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Aluminium Alloy Fuel Tank Trailer

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  • Port:Changsha
  • Minimum Order Quantity:10
  • Supply Ability:100  per Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

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1.Lighter 2.More secure 3.More economical 4.Greener 5.Aesthetically attractive

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1) Low barycenter design

Using square-circle section design to lower the barycenter 100mm, side angle rise to 30 degree(bigger than standard 23 degree)

2)Anti-rollover system

Anti-rollover system will monitor real time. When the car is going to lose control, the system will note it and give more break force to the wheel, and reduce the speed to help the truck move on the right way, to avoid rollover.

3)Safety space and anti-leaking system

500mm specially safety space on the rear suspension. Using highly extend aluminium board import from Alcoa(double extension ability than normal 5083 aluminium board), to avoid leakage when accident happen.

4)Visualization measure system

Using GPS to monitor the fuel inside tanker, to avoid fuel steal. And also can monitor tanker condition during fuel loading.

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