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The sieve is a new type crusher, which is developed by our company. It can be used in coal, limestone, soft rock, hard rock and metal ore. Mainly used for crushing strength is no more than 150MPa of the sandstone, coal and other materials. Especially suitable for underground operations, and has a large crushing ratio, high efficiency of mobile or semi mobile crushing joint equipment. Sieving type crusher is mainly: rack gear, reducer, roller, driving device, lubrication piping etc.. The series crusher dry, wet and sticky, are not blocked. The tooth plate on the left and right side of the roller is completely consistent. After the tooth plate is worn, it can be replaced, which not only can improve the service life, but also can be used to change the service life.

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For example 1, the process according to the raw material itself characteristic and according to the sieve fraction double tooth roller crusher can crush larger material, the crushing process is smooth, not easy to have the performance characteristics of the material, the material to achieve the effective way, so as to achieve low input, high output of industrial art features.First of all raw materials by truck dumped into stockbin, gave CGE-350 the primary crushing jaw crusher by CZW5224 vibrating feeder evenly, the crushed material by belt conveyor to the GSGPX-625 screen in the fractional double teeth roll broken broken, broken after the material from the conveyor belt conveyor to CYK2870X3 circular vibrating screen, by screening round vibrating screen, the first layer of material on the screen (> 50mm) by belt conveyor to return to the sieve fraction of double tooth roller crusher are broken again, second layers of circular vibration sieve sieve material after screening (30-50 mm) by belt conveyor directly as finished goods piled up, third layers of material into the screening (10-30mm) by belt conveyor as piled up another product area, the lowest layer on the screen material by belt conveyor as other finished goods piled up, finished three to distinguish piled up area, until the whole process end.

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