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c z purlin roll forming machine

  • FOB Price: 10000.00-0Case/Cases
  • Port:tianjin
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
  • Supply Ability:10  per Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union

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Botou Kexinda Roll Forming Machine Co.,Ltd


Business Type:Trading,Machining,Private

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using synchronous pressure, molding shaft, smooth surface No fold, no row lacquer. the transmission uses 6 points chain drive (internal type), 4#3kw planet. Speed reducer, smooth movement, no noise. in the plate connection using cast steel pull board (wide 35mm), to ensure that the machine in the heavy plate at all times without modification. the raw material support frame adopts the manual adjustment test, the operation is simple

Detailed products discription

 1 types of equipment: C type Z type rapid steel rolling equipment (C80-300/Z110-300) (model can be customized)

2 equipment weight: 11T
3 control system: industrial computer control system PLC, frequency conversion controller (optional brand: Panasonic, Schneider, OMRON travel switch of the hydraulic station and other parts)
4 forming pass: CZ steel roll forming 18 times
5 material parts: roller material: Cr12, processing technology: numerical control machining after heat treatment to HRC58-60, refined car and then polished plating
Main material: 40Cr conditioning heat treatment, processing technology: NC machining after quenching and tempering treatment HRC28-32, and then refined car polishing plating.Two side wall material: A3 steel Frame: national standard H steel
Bearing: Harbin Bearing
6 transmission mode: chain sprocket drive
7 driver: hydraulic station motor 22kw
8 forming speed: hydraulic motor 18-25 M / min (driver)
9: after reduction (punching molding hydraulic), single hole diameter 14mm, double14*25mm, specifications can be replaced
10 blade material: Cr12Mov
11. Standard: single head discharge machine (bearing 5T), feeding leveling machine, forming machine, straightening straight mechanism, strengthen reinforcement (the word original), single + double and forming shear system, supporting material (6m)
12 Q195 1.0mm 1mm Q345 2.5mm Q235 - 3.0mm
13 production specifications: 1, the width (80-300) mm between arbitrary transform; 2, waist high (30-80) mm between arbitrary transform; 3, small side (10-20) mm; 4, t (1.0-3.0) mm can be adjusted, CZ production specifications are the same.

Two.Main structure
Molding machine is composed of a forming machine from 5T uncoiler, leveling device, servo conveying, punch device, shelf forming machine, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet, finished bracket part.

Three.Production sample version

Four.Equipment manufacturing process

Manual book (mechanical hold tight) - leveling, servo feeding - rolling - punching punch molding axotomy - finished products supporting material plate

Five.Equipment price

Six.Product graph

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