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stirred tank specification

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The agitator tank is a type of equipment for slurry preparation which is widely used in mining, chemical, food, electricity and water pipeline industries. Agitator tank is the necessary equipment in flotation production process.

The agitator tank can be divided into the slurry agitator tank, mixing tank, lifting agitator tank and agent agitator tank as per applications.

Our XB-utility machinery agitator tank is mainly used for agent mixing, suspension stirred, slurry transportation, sewage chemical regulation, slurry mixing, agents and slurry preparation for flotation machines, filter, press filter, concentrate machines and other equipment. As per the specific conditions the impeller structure and the body baffle slot is selected ,which the role of fluid groove walls and baffles subject, in a stirred tank to form a complex flow field, flow type, speed and direction due to mixing impeller and gear interaction boards vary. Pulp in the rotation of the impeller and pharmaceutical produce large or small cycles movement, so that the entire tank pulp, pharmaceutical achieve uniform mixing, mixing the suspension discharged from the overflow outlet.

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