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MLK MLN Vertical Roller Mill for Slag

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MLK, MLN Vertical Roller Mill is widely used for high efficient energy saving grinding equipments in variety of fields, such as: blast furnace slag and cement clinker, construction, chemical and ceramic raw materials.

The MLK and MLN roller mills produced by our company have been adopted single-roller-independent-pressure method, used high efficient and low speed and dynamic and static state separator which features blade is more wearable and separating resistance is small and multiple mixing raw materials can be used for; thrust ring radial size can be adjusted evenly along the circumferential direction to make raw material internal go through stable all the time, that solved several key technical difficulties, such as: make material bed stable, remove iron inside mill, strengthen roller and disc abrasion resistance; all rollers and discs are used latest building-up welding cemented carbide material, the base metal can be reused, the roller can be extended outside which make maintenance easy; we provide automatic welding machine along with the product, so overlap welding and repairing work for roller and disc maintenance can be done on site; type roller skin surface can be exchanged to the other side and reused, in that way, to make its usage life double, and the our mill design level have come up to advanced world level. With the features of serialization, generalization and standardization, the MLK and MLN vertical roller mill produced by our company can reach the clinker material preparation requirement of cement production line with capacity of 5000 t/d as well as of slag production line with capacity of 30,000 to 1,300,000 T annually.


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