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500W Remote Control Car Parking Automatic Parking Gate Barrier For Airport / Hotel

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1. Max. Length of boom: 6m 2. Motor power: 500W 3. Time for up/down: 1.5S(very fast) 4. Color is optional

Detailed products discription

Barrier Gate MITAI-DZ010 Series

Main Features
1. Max. Length of boom: 6m
2. Motor power: 500W
3. Time for up/down: 1.5S(very fast)
4. Color is optional 
Technical Parameters
Power supply
50HZ (60Hz optional)
Motor power
Time for up/down
1.5S(very fast)
Remote-controlled distance
Environment temperature
Protection class
Lever length for choice
straight lever ≤ 5m (straight lever: 2 meter is the best)
A barrier gate without arm
an UHF reader
an access control panel
10pcs PVC UHF cards
Product Descriptions
1.  Adjustable high-speed, stable, safe, simple and beautiful.
2.  Widely used for parking lots, traffic or toll system, especially for the ETC non-stop charging system.
3.  Torque gear motor is used, keep the barrier stable when the motor operating in a low speed.
4.  Vehicle Anti-crush function: the boom will rise (a horizontal angle above 15°) automatically when a car enters the loop detecting area, in order to avoid car was crushed.
5.  Anti-collision function: there is a rotator used between the boom and axis. The boom will Brake/rotate away when the car hit the barrier, the barrier will stand still without damage.
6.  When electricity is cut off, be capable of automatically unlocking; be able to manual lifting lever after blackout.
7.  All the process is soft without any noise and shaking.
8.  This barrier gate has many input terminals for photocell, Airwave switch, loop detector, back-up battery (for AC or DC Motor), toll gate system and output terminals for lamp.

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