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Tubular Separator Centrifuge (GF/GQ) , Tubular Centrifuge for Separation

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Main Features: 
1) Discharging way: Manual
2) Liquid- liquid-solid or liquid liquid separation
3) Model No.: 45/75/105/125/150
4) Capacity: 50-3000L/Hour
5) Material: SS304/321
Working Principle
The separator consists of machine body, driving part, bowl, liquid collecting pan and liquid-in bearing seat etc. The material is sprayed onto the bowl from the inlet on the bottom and strong centrifuge force is formed when the bowl rotates with the material and that makes the material flow upper along the wall of the bowl and then separated because of the different gravity by the centrifuge force. Heavy solid is deposited on the inner wall of the bowl, and forms the sludge. And it will be discharged by manual after the machine stops. The clear liquid flows out of outlet from the top of the bowl. 
Typical Application: 
It is mainly used for liquid-solid separation. For example: 
1) Clarifying process for liquid solid product (oral liquid, beverage clarifying)
2) Extraction of protein, seaweed and jelly (plant extraction, herb extraction, pigment extraction)
3) Refinement molasses
4) Settlement of microble (yeast, E. Coli, lactobacillus, bacillus subtilis, nitrobacter etc)
5) Purifying paint, dye, various resin
6) Processing of granular, crystalline and fibrous suspensions
7) IGY separation and clarification
8) Algae separation.

 Tubular Separator Centrifuge (GF/GQ) , Tubular Centrifuge for Separation
Parameter of tubular centrifuge GQ/GF 150 
Inner diameter of bowl: 142mm 
Solid holding capacity: 10 litres 
Speed: 15570RPM 
Centrifugal force: 15025 x G 
Thoughput: 3000 litres per hour 
Motor: 3.0 KW 
Size: 1020x600x1558mm 
Weight: 500kg

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