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Milk Cream Tubular Centrifuge Separator

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 Milk Cream Tubular Centrifuge Separator

Tubular centrifuge is super speed centrifuge which can realise liquid-liquid-slight solid separation or liquid-slight solid clarification. It has been used in food, chemical, biological, medicine intermediate production industry. There are 2 main types of tubular separators:

1. Type GF is used for separating various emulsion, especially for liquid-liquid separation with slight gravity difference and liquid-liquid-solid separation with a little foreign matter.

2. Type GQ is used for separation of various suspension which is difficult to be separated especially for separation of solid-liquid suspension which has low concentration, high viscosity, small granularity and very small difference of solid-liquid gravity.

The following are examples of applications:
1.Milk and whey cream skimming
2.Clarification of milk and whey
3.Bacteria removal from milk and whey
4.Cream concentration
5.Standardization of milk, cream and whey cream
The processing of certain products such as:
2.Cheese fines 
3.Fresh cheese
4.Double cream cheese
6.Whey proteins 
8.Butter oil

Milk Cream Tubular Centrifuge Separator
Parameter of tubular centrifuge GF/GQ 75 
Inner diameter of bowl: 75 mm 
Solid holding capacity: 2 litres 
Speed: 20000 RPM 
Centrifugal force: 16770 x G 
Thoughput: 500 litres per hour 
Motor: 1.5 KW 
Size: 800x400x1200 mm 
Weight: 300 kg

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