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Tubular Centrifuge for Liquid Liquid Solid Separation

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 Tubular Centrifuge for Liquid Liquid Solid separation

Tubular  centrifuges is widely used in a variety of biological processes from cell harvesting and clarifying to separations of chemicals, foods, blood and pharmaceuticals. Consistently high performance is achieved without using costly disposables in continuous, semi-continuous or batch operations.    
The process

Fluid mixtures are fed into the bottom of the rapidly rotating separation chamber. Solids are retained, while liquid components are expelled from the top of the chamber through a collection tray. For liquid-liquid separations, two collection trays are used. The retained solids cake is dry and densely packed by the high G-forces .   
Harvesting biomass
Clarifying process liquids
Separating liquid products
Fractionation of human blood
Animal blood processing
Processing of granular, crystalline and fibrous suspensions
Separation of filterable and non-filterable sludges  
Rapid separations
Consistent performance
Range of models facilitate scale-up
Simple to set up, easy to use and rapidly cleaned with minimal downtime. No fragile membranes to install
No replacement membranes, or costly disposables
Small footprint saves valuable space

Of the two technologies commonly used to separate fluids, centrifugation and filtration, tubular centrifuges offer these benefits:
Economical to use, no costly membranes or other disposables.
Faster; In the same floor or bench space, tubular centrifuge process many times faster than filtration systems.
No wasted product; with  tubular Centrifuges, separated solid and liquid components are readily available. Filtration systems trap and embed cell mass and other solids.
Consistent performance; No MID-run degradation as filters clog. No membrane aging or lot variations. No chemical leaching from polymeric filters.
Rugged; Heavy duty construction. All stainless steel fluid path resists chemicals and high temperatures.

Tubular Centrifuge for Liquid Liquid Solid Separation

Parameter of  Tubular centrifuge GQ/GF 105
Inner diameter of bowl: 105 mm
Solid holding capacity: 5.5 litres
Speed: 16000 RPM
Centrifugal force: 15025 x G
Thoughput: 1200 litres per hour
Motor: 2.2 KW
Size: 800x700x1400 mm
Weight: 400 kg

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