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 The organic chemical industry in China began to take its shape in the middle and late 1950s, largely with the alcohol produced by fermentation of grain and the acetylene produced from raw coal via calcium carbide as the basic starting point and mainly for the development of their derivant products. It has come through the stages of the initial petrochemical industry with refinery gas and black oil as raw materials, the large-scale petrochemical industry with light oil and light diesel as raw materials and the rapid development of organic raw material industry, etc.

In the past 20 years, the development of petrochemical industry dominated by ethylene has greatly accelerated the progress of the basic organic chemicals industry in China, with a number of production plants with advanced technologies and certain economic capacities constructed and put into production, such as oxo-process butanol/octanol plants, cumin-process carbolic acid/acetone plants, o-xylene oxidation-process PA plants, ethylene-process vinyl acetate plants, high-pressure-process melamine plants and MEK plants,dimethyl ether, SEC butyl acetate plants and ethylene alcohol plants , etc., which make the organic chemicals of China reach a new level. At present, the development of organic chemical industry in China has entered a stage of structural adjustment with quality improvement, costs reduction, varieties increasing and technical renovation as the main subjects from the stage of solely meeting the market demand. 

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