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Ultrapure Water Machine

  • FOB Price: 2680.00-0
  • Port:Wuhan
  • Minimum Order Quantity:3
  • Supply Ability:20  per Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

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Liyuan Zongke Instruments


Business Type:Trading,Machining,Servicing

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Two series: N & S series. The feed water could be pure water or city tap water. Beijing Epoch ultrapure water is your best option for laboratory water.

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 Ultrapure Water Machine



Brief Description

Requirements for the feed water: city tapwater, the temperature is 5-400C, Pressure 0.1 0.5 MPa , conductance value < 1500 mu s/cm


Produced Pattern: Double Outlets    Pure water (RO water, grade 2, grade 3 water), Ultrapure water


Models: Foundation model: NPW-N

Analysis model : NPW-NT

Super model: NPW-N Plus


Protection function at low water pressure , to avoid equipment failure caused by no incoming water.

Quantitative ultrapure water available for the users' convenience.


Timing & automatic washing function to improve the degree of automation of the equipment.


 Online real-time monitoring of water quality, auto-prompting the replacement for the consumable components to guarantee the quality of quality.


Full series products - meet various demands for the laboratory water

Customized services - according to the endusers’ requirements, to provide professional customized products

Original created hydropower separation structure - equipment operations more safe and reliable

Touching color LCD screen - equipment operations more convenient

Professional inspection at factory – attached inspection atlas/data, guarantee the quality of the product

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