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SD china factory rubber raw material vulcanizing press machinery

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 Technical Parameters

1.Machine Maximum size: from 300MM-6000MM;

2.Voltage: 220V 380V 415V 660V 50HZ;

3.Fast Cooling time: 15 minutes (from 145 degrees down to 70 degrees or less);

4.Time for temperature raise (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature) no more than 25 minutes;

5.The temperature difference of sulfide surface: ±2°c. 

6.Temperature adjustment range: 0~300°c.

7.Vulcanizing pressure: 0~2.5 MPa (details refer to users’ specifications and factory markings);

8.Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of the rubber belts;

9. Splicing length of rubber conveyor belt for vulcanizing jointing could be connected together by single or several pieces if necessary;

10.rubber conveyor belt as well as tension in kilogram required for vulcanizing jointing when ordering products.

11. Users could order spare electric pumps additionally according to requirements.

Specification Sheet of SD Vulcanizing Machine
Model Width of Conveyor Belt(mm) Rectangle Spec (mm) Hot Plate Size (mm) Power(KW) Machine Size(mm) Machine Weight(kg)
SD-650 650 650*830 830*800 10.8 1322*830*585 440
650*1000 1000*800 13 1384*1000*585 530
SD-800 800 800*830 830*995 12.7 1492*830*585 515
800*1000 1000*995 15.4 1554*1000*585 630
SD-1000 1000 1000*830 830*1228 15 1692*830*585 600
1000*1000 1000*1228 18 1754*1000*585 715
SD-1200 1200 1200*830 830*1431 18.2 1922*830*750 800
1200*1000 1000*1431 22 1984*1000*750 912
SD-1400 1400 1400*830 830*1653 20.6 2142*830*750 885
1400*1000 1000*1653 24.6 2204*1000*750 1050
SD-1600 1600 1600*830 830*1867 22.8 2382*830*795 1130
1600*1000 1000*1867 27.2 2444*1000*795 1325
SD-1800 1800 1800*830 830*2079 25 2592*830*900 1420
1800*1000 1000*2079 30 2654*1000*900 1630
SD-2000 2000 2000*830 830*2303 27.4 2792*830*900 1560
2000*1000 1000*2303 33 2854*1000*900 1824
SD-2200 2200 2200*830 830*2478 30 2992*830*980 1720
2200*1000 1000*2478 36.2 3054*1000*980 2030
SD-2400 2400 2400*820 820*2550 40 2800*820*1060 Negotiated
2400*1000 1000*2550 45 2800*1000*1060 Negotiated
SD-2600 2600 2600*820 820*2750 42 3000*820*1060 Negotiated
2600*1000 1000*2750 48 3000*1000*1060 Negotiated
SD-2800 2800 2800*820 820*2950 43 3200*820*1140 Negotiated
2800*1000 1000*2950 56 3200*1000*1140 Negotiated
SD-3000 3000 3000*820 820*3150 52 3400*820*1140 Negotiated
3000*1000 1000*3150 61 3400*1000*1140 Negotiated
SD-3200 3200 3200*820 820*3350 58 3600*820*1180 Negotiated
3200*1000 1000*3350 68 3600*1000*1180 Negotiated
SD-3400 3400 3400*820 820*3550 65 3800*820*1180 Negotiated
3400*1000 1000*3550 73.5 3800*1000*1180 Negotiated
SD-3600 3600 3600*820 820*3750 69 4000*820*1200 Negotiated
3600*1000 1000*3750 80 4000*1000*1200 Negotiated



SD Advantages

 1.Our vulcanizing machines and repair machines adopt the unique technology full-automatic and precision digital control system. Vulcanizing temperature is uniform and accurate. Vulcanization pressure is also uniform, It is easy to be operated. The weight is lighter than the original one. Quality is reliable and durable. Our level is much higher than the counterparts both in China and abroad .

 2. The upper and below  heating plate

 We choose aluminum alloy material with high quality and adopt  high strength aluminum alloy to manufacture. The process is special, its characteristics are as follows:

 (1)It has small volume and  light weight(as half as before),the consumption is low and heating is very fast. After heating, the whole piece of board face is very flexible , more close to the tape than the conventional machine .Under the pressure of 1.5 mpa, the parallel close is not more than 0.03 mm, but the conventional machine does not have the performance.

 (2)Various points of upper and below heating plate can be heated uniform .After heating for10 min, the temperature difference of the each point  in the face is only + / - 3 ~ 4 , which surpasses  the international standard.

SD Conveyor belt vulcanizing tools/hot splicing vulcanizing machine

(3)The temperature can rise from the normal temperature to the curing temperature (145 ) in less than 25 min. The power is half lower than the same factories in China or at abroad .The energy saving effect  is good.

(4)Vulcanization or repairing can be finished in one time, the splicing parts are smooth, bright and clean, the fastness is no difference from the original belt’s.

(5)Heating layer, clip heat layer are the trinity, the structure is simple ,and it is easy to install.

3.Water cooling ( it can be made according to customer requirements!)

The heating layer is equipped with  the international advanced once-through water cooling loop device, it takes only about 15 minutes to cool  rapidly from 145 high temperature to 70 , which speed up the progress of cementing and increase strength of the belt joints, and also maintain of belt joints.

SD Conveyor belt vulcanizing tools/hot splicing vulcanizing machine 

4. Hand shank

The handle has SD soft connection characteristics. It is not hot under  the high temperature operation. The appearance is  plating chromium and bright beautiful. And it  seems small and exquisite.

5.Water pressure plate

(1) The water pressure plate adopts international advanced  technology , because of its special structure, the overall can be pressed uniform, The plate experiences numerous high pressure tests. No leakage phenomenon appears under 1.875 mpa, 30 min high pressure test, which is higher than the international standard.

(2) The water pressure plate can be hydraulic and pneumatic 

6. The Plug of the Power Input Wire cord

Power Input Wire adopts special five core with one flat plug, which changes the disadvantages of conventional multiple line plug and indeed simplify the line.

7.Automatic electrical control box

(1)Automatic electric cabinet and electrical components select intuitive LCD digital display instrument, which are with good quality and durability. Numbers and lights show, preinstall curing time and temperature. The vulcanization process is fully automatic operated. The alarm lights light ,the work will be finished automatically.

(2) Automatic LCD digital display temperature control box looks elegant, small and exquisite, and adopt advanced vertical double waterproof technology. The outer garment is dustproof and waterproof, which can be operated  in the dust, heavy rain and other bad weathers.

(3)Equipped with the leakage automatic switch ,which has the overload, short circuit, leakage protection performance to ensure personal safety.

(4) Because of circuit integration, automatic operating procedure and unified plug , the electric cabinet can be connected with all vulcanizing machines and repair machines in our factory. The conventional machine can’t  have this performance.

8. Rod, nut

Rod and nut use steel materials with light weight and high strength .It is easy to be operated.  


SD Conveyor belt vulcanizing tools/hot splicing vulcanizing machine

SD Conveyor belt vulcanizing tools/hot splicing vulcanizing machine

Services Guarantee 

Only starting point for cooperation, the service does not end. 

Your enquiries, we will give feed back at the first time.

Your requests, we will meet at the first time.

Your goods, we will arrange at the first time.

Your questions, we will solve at the first time. 

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