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Vortex Mixer Lab Mixer 2800rpm Simulation Display Continuous / Inching (MV2)

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 Vortex Mixer Lab Mixer 2800rpm Simulation Display Continuous / Inching (MV2)

Quick Detail:




AC220V±10% 50HZ



Oscillation mode

Circular motion

Circumference diameter


Max. Load(with fixter) [kg]


Input [W]


Output [W]


Speed Range [rpm]

0-2800 rpm/min

Speed setting & display

Simulation setup/scale display

Mode of operation

Continuous / Inching

Dimension [D×W×H mm]


Net. Weight [kg]

4.5 kg

Temperature Permissible ambient [ ]


Humidity Permissible ambient


Protection standard(EN 60529)


1. Small mixer with simple, compact and beautifully designs
2. Adjustable and stationary blending machine
3. Widely used in biochemistry laboratory, chemical laboratory, hospital, radiation immunoassay, pharmaceutical and other routine laboratory equipment.
4. Used for sample tissue, cells, bacteria liquid, such as the chemical reagent oscillation, blending and mixing.
5. Different types of fixture can be installed
* High quality, competitive price, Strong and durable
* For different test tube, the centrifugal tube, such as enzyme label plate container of mix, achieve high efficiency spiral effect.
* New type spiral vortex mixer, suitable for a short period of time (at) or continuous work for a long time
* Wide speed range, 0 to 2800 RPM/min, motor stepless speed regulation
* Balance of eccentric block design, the amplitude of 4.5 mm, shock effect is perfect.
* Brushless motor drive directly. It is durable, quiet and maintenance free.
Main body:1pc
Standard gasket V1.1:1pc
Power adapter:1pc

Order Information:

Serial Number

Designation and Model



Vortex Mixer MV2 main engine

Main engine, simulative speed display


Standard attachment V1.1

For test tubes and small vessels < Φ65mm. RPM range: 0-2800


Microtiter attachment V1.3

For microtiter plate and square attachment. RPM range: 200-1500


Flasks attachment V1.4

For triangle flask with a test tube. RPM range: 0-3000Use with V1.41. RPM range: 0-2800


Rubber foam insert V1.41

Use with V1.4. For erlenmeyer flasks and big test tubes


Test tubes (centrifugal tubes) adaptor V1.31

For 30 test tubes Φ10mm. Use with V1.3 attachment


Test tubes (centrifugal tubes) adaptor V1.32

For 16 test tubes Φ12mm. Use with V1.3 attachment


Test tubes (centrifugal tubes) adaptor V1.33

For 12 test tubes Φ16mm. Use with V1.3 attachment


Test tubes (centrifugal tubes) adaptor V1.34

For 4 test tubes Φ29 mm. Use with V1.3 attachment

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