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Insulating T type socket wrench ,100-300mm safety tools crv material

  • FOB Price: 10.00-0
  • Port:tianjin
  • Minimum Order Quantity:100
  • Supply Ability:1000  per Day
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union

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used for electrician tools

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 For below 1000V charged operation, which belongs to the safety protection, voltage withstand test voltage 10000v without leakage breakdown products, chrome plating surface treatment for shear with different diameters of steel wire and copper wire, adjustable handle control opening size, suitable for different wire diameter, pliers handle insulation withstanding voltage 1000V, my company production of insulated tools are detected by the detection of the authority of the state sector, third party quality certification qualification. Clamp handle is made of fiber reinforced composite materials, light weight, shock resistance

Material: chrome vanadium alloy steel,
Surface treatment: spray,
Type: scredriver flat 
Scope of application: 1000V,
Total length: 200 (mm),
Category: plum blossom wrench.
Hardware tools electrical insulating tools security single head wrench supply manufacturers Cangzhou De'an special tools Co. Ltd.
Our company long-term supply of series of products: insulation kits, insulating sleeve, insulation pliers, wrench insulation, insulating opening wrench, plum blossom wrench insulation, insulating electrician knife, T type wrench insulation, insulation screwdriver, insulating ratchet wrench, insulated stalk, insulated needle nose pliers, insulated wire pliers, diagonal pliers insulated, insulated spanner, insulated cable cut, water pump pliers insulated, insulated cable knife, tweezers insulation, insulating sleeve, insulating electrician tool set, insulated pencil 1500V., and other series products, non standard can be customized

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