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North Neoplan Bus BFC6123C

  • FOB Price: 120000.00-130000.00
  • Port:Tianjing
  • Minimum Order Quantity:10
  • Supply Ability:200  per Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

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The North Neoplan bus has introduced the most advanced luxury-bus manufacturing technologies from Germany: girder-free monocoque bodyframe, prestressed metal sheet, independent double-wishbone front axle, air suspension and patented A-subframe. Thus the whole vehicle is extremely safe and comfortable. 北方尼奥普兰客车采用德国最先进的豪华客车制造技术:全承载框架式无大梁结构车身,预应力拉伸蒙皮,双横臂独立式前桥、空气悬挂和A型臂结构专利技术,使整车具有非常优秀的安全性和舒适性。

Detailed products discription

 BFC6123C North plan Sightseeing Bus Configuration List  北方尼奥普兰旅游客车配置

Length 长:  12000mm

Width  宽:  2550mm

Height 高:  3650mm

Engine Model 发动机型号:Cummins ISLe340 40 康明斯

Power 功率:250KW

Emission 排放:Euro.4 欧4

Clutch 离合器:430brand

Gearbox 变速箱:QJ-S6-160

Front axle 前桥:VN8 double-wishbone independent front axle with Neoplan's technology  双横臂独立式尼奥普兰技术前桥VN8

Rear axle 后桥:North Benz 725.A with Benz's technology 北奔725.A 采用奔驰技术

Retarder 缓速器:Electromagnetic retarder 电涡流缓速器

ABS 防抱死系统:4S-4M ABS

Kerb mass/Total mass 整备质量/总质量:13650kg/18000kg

Body construction 车身结构:Full unitized body with rectangular steel skeleton and prestressed planking 


Seating capacity 座位:49+1+1   Luxurious, with reclinable back and adjustable transverse distance 豪华座椅、靠背可调、横向间距可调

Air conditioner 空调系统:Non-independent overhead air conditioner with cooling capacity of ≥32000kcal/h 非独立式顶置空调制冷量≥32000kcal/h

Stereo and video system 视听系统: HD player dispay,2 LCD TV sets in 17 inch,also with loudspeaker and microphone for guide



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