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Integrated flexible production line for vehicle milling

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Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc.


Business Type:Machining,Private

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Mainly for drilling, tapping, milling manufacturing, improve production efficiency and achieve less humanized operation.

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Car milling integrated flexible production line combined with milling process. This production line adopts the ship 20 kg of six degrees of freedom, independent research and development of intelligent industrial robots and control system, can realize the presence of unmanned automatic processing. Production line is mainly composed of a machining center, a CNC lathe and a six axis robot, with guide rail, rack, loading and unloading station, cleaning stations, fences and other auxiliary parts, and through the unit management system unified control.

This production line has realized the different system of processing equipment and the organic combination of DE ji robot, can ensure that in the presence of no one realize high efficient automatic production. At the same time, the system is equipped with order management software, can carry on the configuration, convenient for processing program to arrange the production plan. The system will automatically according to the processing situation processing task scheduling and distribution, in order to achieve the maximization of efficiency. 



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