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How does fast charge power supplies achieve main technology low voltage high current

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The current smart phone battery is basically a charge one day, even two charge a day in use in severe cases. At present the display screen, chipset, cameras and design technology are continuously developed, but smart phone battery technology is not really make any breakthrough to help the cell phone manufacturers provide more power in a smaller space. This is also one of the reasons of the existence of quick charge technology, Reduce the time needed for mobile phone battery, thereby reducing the time the user cannot use the phone.

At present many smart phone charging technology is a kind of low voltage and high current charging technology, three to four times faster than traditional charge, at the same time also can reduce charging heating situations of mobile charging adapter with mobile phone.

Analysis of a power supply quality, linked to the main components quality greatly. Most fast charging power supply need five to six aluminum electrolytic capacitors inside. With good quality aluminum electrolytic capacitor can achieve high current, low voltage to guarantee the stability and safety of fast charging power supply.



YMIN GP radial lead aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the main electronic component to achieve low voltage and high current charging technology.

*YMIN GP capacitor with small size, to meet the market trend of power supply volume miniaturization.

*YMIN GP capacitor with wide working temperature, covered from -55°C to 105°C;

*YMIN GP capacitor with long lifetime, keep 4000hrs to 6000hrs lifetime;

*YMN GP capacitor with wide capacitance range, covered 0.47μF to 10000μF;

*YMIN GP capacitor with stable characteristic to support low voltage high current.

*YMIN GP capacitor offer strongest support in low power consumption for USB fast charger.

*YMIN GP capacitor with superior quality better than Rubycon after product testing.

YMIN GP radial lead aluminum electrolytic capacitor are mainly applied for current HOTTEST USB fast charger power supply, Including USB power switches, USB mobile chargers, car cell-phone chargers, USB travel adapters, Multi USB Plug, USB sockets and many other high advance power supply!

Special for fast charge power supply, support low voltage high current, Low power consumption, high stability, Enduring high temperature, Long life, Miniature are the main characteristics for our YMIN GPcapacitor.

YMIN will adapt to the market, to launch more energy saving electrolytic capacitors special for USB fast charge power supply.

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