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TLSS-F Four View Borehole Inspection Camera System

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equipped with 4 pieces of HD cameras. One is on the end of the probe, keep the downward direction , and the other three cameras are on the middle of the probe, covering fan-shaped distribution

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TLSS-F Borehole Inspection Camera System 1. Main applicationTLSS-F Borehole Inspection Camera is specially suitable for engineering hydrogeology, observations of borehole in the plastid pile in all kinds of anomalies and defects, and the well maintenance and detecting of shaft wall fracture, dislocation, downhole falling objects, filter tube hole plugging, and sand flow location, etc., also suitable for oil field, geological freezing hole, geological prospecting, geotechnical engineering, engineering quality inspection and other related industries. 2. Main characteristics2.1 The monitor box adopts dc 12 v or 220 v alternating current (ac) as the working power supply, the machine power consumption is only 20 w.2.2 Automatic brake device for the electric winch, organization structure is compact, light volume appearance, durable.2.3 Stainless steel camera probe, with great performances of waterproof, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance.2.4 Stable and reliable: the system is made of high quality components and curing program module, reducing separation device used in great quantities, so as to improve the stability and reliability of the system operation.3. Component description3.1 Camera probeThis probe equipped with 4 pieces of HD cameras. One is on the end of the probe, keep the downward direction , and the other three cameras are on the middle of the probe, covering fan-shaped distribution.By using this probe, we could inspect the well free of dead angle without any operating, and thanks to our OSD technology, four imaging can be viewed by one screen at the same time! So it is very convenient to observe every detail of the well, you would not miss anything. 3.2 WinchFully automatic winch, adopt the most advanced double conversion technology, high quality RV gearbox and autobrake system. The speed could be adjusted freely. Installed with depth couneter, accuracy is up to 0.05m. The power source supply could be AC220V(customized) or DC12V(option). There are many specification winch different from power, we will offer suitable winch according to the cable meter the customers required.Electric Winch for Borehole Inspection Camera System-13.3 Depth counterThe well-head pulley guides the camera probe with the cable down to the well, vertically, smoothly. Installed with a digital depth counter, when the cable moving down,the depth counter will measure the meters it have passed, and transfer the information into digital signal, and them combined with the OSD mode, at last, show the detph information in the monitor screen.The process is real time synchronous, we could inspect the camera image with its depth information.Accuracy of the depth counter is up to 0.05m, and support zeroed and calibration.

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