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Linen fiber slicer

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Qinsun Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



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 The main purpose:
The fiber slicer is used to detect the sample material that produces the precise cross section of the fiber so that the fiber cross section is further examined or studied under a microscope.
Standards compliant:
ASTM D2130, BS 2043, DIN 53811, ISO 137, IWSTM 24, IWTO 8-6
Scope of application:
1, fiber profile;
2, the thickness of the epidermis;
3, the type of medulla, pattern, contour and location;
4, the distribution of pigments;
5, dye penetration.
Fiber slicer detection method:
A layer of defatted fiber is inserted into the upper part of the microtome of the slicer, and the inserted media is suitable for the fiber bundle and can be dried. The fiber bundle is then placed on the ejector and the micrometer is used to determine the desired fiber sample thickness. Cut the blade.

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