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shoes material water vapor permeability tester

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Qinsun Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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mainly applicable to leathers and textiles used in footwear uppers and clothing where it gives a measure of the ability to remove perspiration from the surface of the wearer's skin. Determines the amount of water vapour a material will transmit through its structure in a specified time.

Detailed products discription

 Core advantages:

The permeability of vapor the leather is evaluated by means of measuring the weight of water-vapor that permeates to specimen per unit time and per unit area. The main functional components including: testing holder clamp, ventilation fan, control panel with functions of switch, time setting and recording.
The machine has six separate test stations on a rotary table and each one has a sample holder. Silica gel desiccant is placed in the holder and the test material is placed over the neck of the holder and secured by a screw top. After weighing each holder, complete with silica gel and sample material, the holders are placed and locked into the rotary mechanism. After 7-8 hours the complete holder is weighed again and the gain is used to determine the degree of permeability. It is essential that the entire operation is carried out in a conditioned atmosphere of 20°C and 65% per cent relative humidity. In addition to the standard equipment supplied with a built-in timer to record the number of hours that testing has been carried out.
Applicable Standards:
UNI EN IUP/15, UNI EN 13515, EN ISO 20344: 6.6, IUP 15, BS 3144 Method 24, SLP 25,DIN 53333, ISO 17699, DIN 53 429, METODO - 309 WI 009

  • Test stations: 6;
  • Electronic timer for recording the testing times;
  • The fan blade: 3;
  • Dimension of fan blade: 75×90mm;
  • Angle between fan blades: 120°;
  • Gaps: 10±5mm;
  • Speed of fan: 1400r/min;
  • Rotary speed of specimen: 75r/min;
  • Diameter of sample holders: 30±1mm;
  • Diameter of fixtures: 30±1mm, helical;
  • Weight: 45kg;
  • Dimension: 350×570×450mm;
  • Power Consumption: 300W.

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