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Laser marking machine

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General Details

UL-M Series laser marking machine includes the CO2 RF laser tube, beam expanding and focusing system, high speed galvanometer, cooperate with movement and control system. The machine has the outstanding advantage, such as high accuracy and high speed marking, working stability.
1.    High marking speed, clear character that will never be scratched.
2.    touch-less processing ,low pollution, no abrasion.
3.    Easy to operate, best solution s of anti-fake marks for product.
4.    Automatic and high-speed moving, low cost for production;
5.    High-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality and large working area.
 Applicable Materials
Textiles & Fabrics,  Wood & Plywood, Rubber, Plastic,  Acrylic, Filmes & Foils, Foam, Paper, Packing box, Leather, Arts &crafts, Electronics parts, Non-metal materials, and bamboo products, touch screens etc.

 Technical Specification

Product Model

UL-M Series


CO2 laser, Safety Class 4

Processing Area (W x L)

300x300mm, 600×600mm

Min line width


Min Character


Cooling Mode


Cutting Speed


Positioning Accuracy


Data or File Format


Laser Power


Power Requirements

AC 110/220V±5%


Unikonex Control and Cutting system

Exhaust Requirements

External Exhaust or Air Cleaner Required (Consult factory for Specification)

Mechanical Design

Laser safety class 4, CE compliant, maintenance-free


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