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Pneumatic fixture top breaking strength tester

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 Brief Introduction:

Pneumatic fixture top breaking strength tester-For steel fabrics, elastic fabrics and knitted fabrics, hosiery and glove products, the ball burst strength and expansion of the test.


Technical Parameters:
1, constant speed elongation (CRE) principle, computer control, support PC software control
2, the force range: 300-2500N (full scale of 0.1% to 100%)
3, the load accuracy: ≤ ± 0.02% F · S
4, the test speed: 0.1-500mm / min Promise speed, error ≤ ± 2%
5, the ball down the maximum stroke: 300mm
6, fixture diameter: 45mm (optional  25mm)
7, the ball head diameter: 38mm (optional 25mm, 20mm)
8, clamping: pneumatic clamping, than the manual clamping sample more efficient, more accurate test results
9, power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 0.6KW
10, Dimensions: 530 × 510 × 1250mm
11, weight: 120Kg

1, pneumatic fixture, more convenient than the manual clamping sample, more efficient, no need to specifically cut the sample, do not slip, not pinch, the test results more stable and accurate;
2, the instrument by the State Intellectual Property Office software copyright protection;
3, all-digital control system, 32-bit microcontroller, the data sampling frequency of 2000Hz;
4, the use of high-precision preloaded ball screw + two optical axis way to ensure that the machine is running more stable and more accurate stress and strain value;
5, large screen, highly sensitive touch interface, than the ordinary button panel, operating experience more easily, more reliable quality long;
6, can be connected to computer software to control the machine running and data processing, generate data reports, curves, etc., for archiving and so on to use;
7, the test process can be dynamic real-time display curve, according to user needs to choose strong ~ elongation, strong ~ elongation, strength ~ time, elongation ~ time curve;
8 curve by point traversal function: through the mouse on the curve click on the strong and elongation value, in order to obtain the various parameters of each point;
9 results Comparison function: you can observe a number of test curves at the same time, and can be achieved by multiple curves of the superposition, partial amplification to achieve the characteristics of the sample to be compared;
10, can be achieved in the English interface interchange function, for the import and export trade dealers to provide protection.
11, through the software to achieve a variety of custom, followed by a variety of standard updates to upgrade, so that the machine never out of date.

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