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Strong tester supporting pneumatic fixture

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Qinsun Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



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 Brief Introduction:

Strong tester supporting pneumatic fixture - For steel fabrics, elastic fabrics and knitted fabrics, hosiery and glove products, the ball burst strength and expansion of the test.


Related standards:
FZ / T01030-93 "Determination of strength and expansibility of knitted fabric and elastic woven fabric Seam breaking method" Ball diameter Φ20mm
GB / T19976 "Determination of the strength of the top of the textile ball ball method" Ball diameter Φ25mm, Φ38mm
FZ / T60019-1994 non-woven fabric rupture strength test method EN12332-1 steel ball diameter Φ38mm
GB / T8878 "cotton knitted underwear" ball diameter Φ20mm
ASTMD3787 "Textile fabric top breaking strength of the standard experimental method isokinetic traction (CRT) steel ball top breaking experiment" steel ball Φ25.4mm
ASTMD6797 "fabric breaking strength standard experimental method isometric elongation (CRE) steel ball break test" steel ball Φ25.4mm

Technical Parameters:
1, constant speed elongation (CRE) principle, computer control, support PC software control
2, the force range: 300-2500N (full scale of 0.1% to 100%)
3, the load accuracy: ≤ ± 0.02% F · S
4, the test speed: 0.1-500mm / min Promise speed, error ≤ ± 2%
5, the ball down the maximum stroke: 300mm
6, fixture diameter: 45mm (optional  25mm)
7, the ball head diameter: 38mm (optional 25mm, 20mm)
8, clamping: pneumatic clamping, than the manual clamping sample more efficient, more accurate test results
9, power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 0.6KW
10, Dimensions: 530 × 510 × 1250mm
11, weight: 120Kg

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