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Gravel impact test instrument tester manufacturer

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1. Applicable to the cohesive failure test of the outer coating, the adhesion failure test of the different layers in the coating system, the brittle thickness of the hard glass material, the optimum coating thickness of the anti-peeling, the anti- Anti-collision, anti-wear test and other related tests.
2. Meet SAE, ASTM, VDA, GM, Ford, Mazda, JIS, Nissan, and Toyota test requirements to meet the public, Shenlong, GM, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Ford and other automotive manufacturers test.


Test principle:
The device is a high-precision multi-impact instrument with the advantage that the results obtained are very reproducible and comparable, by compressing the air and accelerating the sharp particles to impact the template. The air tank can reduce the effect of external compressive air transient pressure fluctuations to provide a constant impact pressure, using vibrating particles to feed the particles. The multi-function display shows the working pressure, the test time, the vibrating feed mode and the number of impacts (total / current).


Technical parameters:
1. EMC Immunity: EN 50082-2 (1995)
2.EMC Radioactivity: Conforms to EN 55011 (1997) level requirements
3.VDA test: 1/2 inch or greater
4. Air tank volume: 30 gallons
5. Operating temperature: -30 ℃ --- 40 ℃
6. Maximum relative humidity: the temperature reached 31 ℃ when the humidity of 80%, when the temperature reached 40 ℃ when the humidity line reduced to 50%
7. Pollution control: to achieve environmental protection level 2
8. Sound pressure rating: about 130dBA
9. Altitude: 2000m
10. Working pressure range: 0 ~ 5.0 kgf / cm2 / grade 1.6 (according to the customer's actual air pressure to adjust the situation, up to 8.0kgf / cm2)


Gravel impact test instrument testing standards:
GMW 1407, JIS M0141, TL211-6, GME 60 268, ASTM / D3170, SAE J400, FORD, Chrysler 463PB-39-01, GMW14668-3.4.9, Chrysler 463PB-52-01, GM 9119P / 9508P / 9619P, Mazda MES MN 601C, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, ISO 20567-1


Structural features:
1. The new gravel impact machine is made of standard parts and is equipped with easy-to-load fittings to carry out all the major standards on a machine for automotive material gravel crash test.
2. Test bench impact window: 300 * 300 mm.
3. The crash box adopts the overall structure, and the whole striking mechanism of the equipment is in the interior of the collision box, including the test sample.
4. Safe and reasonable design, excluding different specifications of the sample (especially the arc-shaped sample) due to lax, resulting in the impact of the media splash out.
5. The use of large volume gas tank, the volume of 170L. (30% larger than any domestic manufacturers, the impact of more stable pressure).
6. The main standard components are: gun assembly, collision chamber and specimen holder.
7. Can quickly carry out the loading and unloading of the specimen and equipped with an external grit collection box, convenient and practical.
8. Display: operating instrument for the touch screen, easy to operate at a glance
9. Gun: Standard SAE and VDA each one (replacement is extremely convenient).
10. Feeding method: automatic feeding (feed speed adjustable)
11. Safety device: The safety power switch will automatically shut down the test when the collision chamber door is open or when the collision chamber is not installed.
12. Equipment has leakage protection, pressure overpressure, pressure relief protection.


1. Test gun can be quickly and easily replaced in line with VDA, SAE, JIS and other standards
2. Touch screen settings, so that the test process more convenient and simple;
3. Test the sample to meet the requirements of multi-angle placement, irregular samples using 3D test chamber;
4. The use of continuous or intermittent operation of the way, in a short time to complete multiple tests
5. Feed rate is adjusted by electromagnetic vibration feeder;
6. Large volume storage of compressed air tank to ensure that the pressure and flow rate constant, while the pressure can be controlled by the control valve size;

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